• IRS reminder: Tax scams continue year-round

    IRS YouTube Videos: Tax Scams – English | Spanish | ASL Phishing/Malware – English | Spanish | ASL Dirty Dozen – English | Spanish | ASL WASHINGTON – Although the April filing deadline has passed, scam artists remain hard at work, and the IRS today urged taxpayers to be on the lookout for a spring surge of evolving phishing emails and […]

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  • IRS urges businesses to make estimated tax payments so they don’t owe

    IRS YouTube videos:IRS Withholding Calculator Tips – EnglishEstimated Tax Payments – English | Spanish | ASL WASHINGTON — As part of Small Business Week, the Internal Revenue Service today reminds small business owners and self-employed people that they can avoid a surprise tax bill and possibly a penalty by making estimated tax payments during […]

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  • Taxpayers who can’t pay their taxes should still file on time

    With the April tax filing due date just a few days away, taxpayers should remember to both file and pay any taxes they owe by the deadine. Taxpayers who do not file and pay timely will see their tax debt grow. In fact, penalties and interest can […]

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  • Tax Services

    Estimated taxes form and publication can help people pay the right amount in 2019

    IRS YouTube Videos:IRS Withholding Calculator Tips – English Estimated Tax Payments – English | Spanish | ASL WASHINGTON –The Internal Revenue Service today reminded self-employed individuals, retirees, investors and others who pay their taxes quarterly that the first estimated tax payment for tax year 2019 is due Monday, April 15, 2019, for most taxpayers. […]

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  • Avoid improper claims for business credits

    IRS YouTube Videos: Dirty Dozen – English | Spanish | ASL WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today warned taxpayers to avoid improperly claiming various business tax credits, a common scam used by unscrupulous tax preparers. Two credits often targeted for abuse by shady tax return preparers are the Research Credit and […]

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  • Tax Time Guide: IRS helps small businesses, self-employed understand what’s new for taxes

    IRS YouTube Videos:Qualified Business Income Deduction – English  WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service wants business owners and the self-employed to know that a publication on has information they can use to learn which recent tax-law changes impact their bottom line. This news release is part […]

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