Tax Preparation

Whether you receive W-2 Wages as an employee or you own your own business, our competent tax professionals take the time to understand your unique circumstances and utilize their extensive knowledge of the tax code to help you get the largest refund allowed by law or to minimize your liability. We take time and care to treat each of our customers with respect and dignity while safeguarding personal and sensitive information. Unlike the chain tax stores, all of our tax preparers have completed advanced training, collegiate education, and ongoing continuing education in order to stay current with the Federal, State, and Local Tax Codes. Additionally, as a CPA owned and operated office you will enjoy peace of mind in knowing that we have prepared and reviewed your taxes in an accurate, comprehensive, and ethical manner consistent with legal and regulatory guidelines. With our eFiling capabilities, we will file your taxes in an expedient and efficient manner to ensure that you receive any eligible refund as quickly as possible!

General Ledger Services & Financial Statement Preparation

Owning your own business presents many challenges and obstacles that can cause headaches and stress for aspiring entrepreneurs. At Fidler & Fidler, we take the hassle out of managing your day-to-day financial affairs through our advanced software and knowledgeable professionals that allows you to focus your time and energy on what you do best: Your business! Whether you need help navigating the confusing world of Federal-State-Local withholding payments, accurately processing sales tax to include allowable exemptions, promptly invoicing customers while collecting receivables, staying current with Unemployment Compensation requirements, or comprehensively managing your books and accounts, our competent staff will work diligently and tirelessly to meet your needs with the highest level of quality. Let us sit down with you for a free consultation to discuss the nature and dynamics of your business in order to demonstrate how we can help. Our financial experts can also generate key financial statements that will help to gauge the overall operations and health of your business venture, such as the following:

  • Balance Sheet

  • Profit & Loss Statement

  • Statement of Cash Flows

  • Payroll Summary

Business Financial Planning, Management Advisory Services, &


Would you like to grow your business and generate more revenue? Does effectively managing your expenses, controlling overhead, and reducing tax exposure appeal to you? Have you recently started a business but remain unsure as to whether or not to incorporate? Do you have questions about tax requirements, regulatory obstacles, and compliance considerations? If this sounds like you, then we can help turn uncertainty into meaningful solutions. We can meet with you and visit your workplace to better understand the nature and totality of your operations. In doing so, our experts can evaluate and assess your expenditures relative to business income in order to capitalize on opportunities for efficiency and asset maximization. Additionally, we can provide our tax expertise to place your business in the most advantageous circumstance and offer guidance on the ideal business structure consistent with your needs. This can include assistance with the formation of a partnership, corporation, or L.L.C. Furthermore, our consultants can help you to turn your attention to the future through forecasting and budgeting methods that will help to paint a more clear picture of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (S.W.O.T. Analysis) that will give your business the competitive advantage you need to thrive.

Personal Financial Planning

Planning for the future for you and your family represents one of the most important and daunting challenges that we all face. With this critically significant consideration, we face many questions about how best to manage our hard earned assets. At its core, three major elements encompass the foundation of successful financial planning:

1. Protection of Assets from Uncertainty

2. Shielding Assets from Taxation

3. Growing Assets for the Short and Long-Term

At Fidler and Fidler, our friendly and helpful staff will get to know you as a person, not a number. We recognize the value and importance of your goals and will help to formulate strategies that will help bring your dreams to fruition. Whether you need guidance with planning effectively for retirement, saving for a new home for a growing family, funding your child’s education, or paying off lingering debt, we can work with you to help maximize and protect your assets consistent with your stated needs. Let us sit down with you today for a free consultation to show how we can help create a winning game plan for you!